Q: What is NRA Firearms For Freedom?
NRA Firearms For Freedom is a unique opportunity for members to use their firearms to further support the NRA and the freedoms for which it stands. Many NRA members say they would like to do more to financially strengthen their NRA, but often don't know how to go about it. This member service program is designed to answer the question, "Is there a way I can contribute my firearms to further support the NRA's defense of our Second Amendment freedoms?" The answer to that question is YES.

Q: Do I need to be an NRA Member to donate?
No, gifts of firearms are welcome from members and non-members alike.

Q: How will my firearms be handled?
If you decide that giving firearms to the NRA is part of your plan, rest assured that whether they are selected for the National Firearms Museum or bound for auction, all firearms will be handled with the utmost of care and following the strictest procedures. Once your gift is committed to the NRA or one of its charitable affiliates, the management and disposition become the fiduciary responsibility of the NRA Treasurer's Office, led by Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer Sonya Rowling. From there, NRA staff or their designated representatives handle each step of the process.

Firearms selected for the National Firearms Museum come under the best curatorial care. Those bound for auction are handled equally meticulously.

NRA's stewardship includes professional pick-up, packing, handling and transport - all at no cost to the donor of course. Climate control for temperature and humidity, as well as insurance and security, are provided through all steps. Professional inventory management, storage and maintenance are standard. After auction, the treasurer's fiduciary obligation also includes investment management and oversight of assets.

Q. Can I donate other items?

Members often ask whether we would be interested in non-firearms related collectibles - the answer is yes!

We were once asked if we would be interested in a collection of antique airplane banks. The donor decided to contribute all of his airplane banks, along with his firearms. This is but one example of the endless types of collectibles that can be donated through the Firearms for Freedom program. They, too, can be used to help financially secure NRA's future and preserve your values for the next generation. No, not everything may be of value, but our staff and experts can help you sort out what may be.

One fascinating gift we received was from the late E.J. Owens. A lifelong firearms collector and former president of the American Society of Arms Collectors, he donated a unique collection of percussion cappers - these are used to improve the speed and ease in loading percussion arms. In addition, through the sale of his firearms collection and through a tax-deductible gift, Mr. and Mrs. Owens were able to permanently endow the Eldon and Edith Owens Gallery of The American West in the National Firearms Museum. Thanks to the thoughtfulness and generosity of this couple, this rare and historic collection is now permanently available for the general public to enjoy.

Not all of us may have carefully built collections, but most of us do have items that could go to help financially secure NRA's mission and future. All too often, items of considerable value are unwittingly tossed in the trash by heirs. Thus, it is well worth your time to sort through the items you own. Some of them might include:

Q: How can I get personalized plan assistance?
NRA's Advancement Officers (AOs) are our "boots on the ground" for this program. They are, first and foremost, fellow patriots. They understand the place firearms hold in our heritage and freedom. 

AOs are located across the country and there's sure to be one near you. These officers work daily with individuals who are making major gifts to the organization and they can assist in many way ways. 

Advancement Officers specialize in helping people accomplish their goals. After getting to know you a bit, they will provide your best options, discuss possibilities, answer any questions, assist in getting firearms transferred, and keep you informed during the entire process. Throughout, they will respect your need for confidentiality.

Q. How do I take the next step?
If you're beginning to think about creating a plan to transition your firearms, or even if you're already well into the planning process, you'll want to contact the NRA Office of Advancement by calling 855-4NRA-FFF or email [email protected]


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