Charitable Gift Annuities

You may choose to use your gift to fund a charitable gift annuity - this involves transferring firearms to NRA in exchange for a partial tax deduction and a lifetime stream of annual income. This is truly a win-win: NRA benefits from your gift and you benefit from receiving regular fixed payments.

Charitable gift annuity rates vary depending upon the value of the contribution, the age of the beneficiary and the number of beneficiaries. Though lower than commercial rates, gift annuities are still very attractive to individuals who want to simultaneously support a favorite charity and provide payments to themselves or others. Once rates are set, payment amounts remain fixed and do not increase or decrease.

So, is a charitable gift annuity right for you? If you're retired and you would like to increase your cash flow, seek the security of guaranteed payments and save taxes, this might be just the vehicle you're looking for. Contact us and we'll be able to walk you through the amount of your payments, how they would be taxed and the charitable deduction generated by your gift.



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