Permanent Endowments

Endowments provide a permanent source of funding to help sustain future growth of the NRA. They offer a solid financial bedrock to ensure the long-term financial stability necessary to carry out the mission of the NRA and its affiliates.

An endowment produces annual investment income in perpetuity. The permanent fund is never touched - only a portion of the fund's interest is used to support NRA or its affiliate's activities and programs. Any remaining balance is reinvested to enhance the endowment's principle and continued growth. This ensures that future generations of Americans will enjoy the firearms rights and traditions intended by our nation's founding fathers.

Gifts can be directed to an NRA endowment or affiliate endowment of your choice. NRA endowments are not tax-deductible, but 501(c)3 affiliates are. Endowment gifts may also qualify for naming opportunities in honor of the donor, family member or friend - i.e., William B. Ruger Endowment or Harlon B. & Maryanne Carter Endowment.


The first step in exploring your options is to contact NRA Firearms For Freedom Program Coordinator Cliff Burgess. A former U.S. Navy Commander and an NRA staff member for 19 years, Burgess is your contact for all gift of firearms activity.

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