Planning Your Gift

Developing a good plan starts with determining your goals - what do you want to achieve by giving a gift of firearms? It may be as simple as allowing for your firearms to be converted into cash that can then be used to meet today's current challenges and opportunities. 

You may want your firearms to create a charitable gift annuity that provides a source of income. Or you may desire to place the gift in your will or trust.

In some cases, advisors may need to help devise a plan with tax deductions and other considerations for your estate plan. No matter how simple or complex, we can help you achieve your philanthropic goals.

Current Gifts

Guns you've designated as current gift donations can be converted to cash in a Firearms For Freedom auction and then immediately applied where needed. 


Charitable Gift Annuities

The donor transfers firearms to the NRA in exchange for partial tax deduction and a lifetime stream of annual income - thus, both parties benefit.


Estate Gifts

You can create a progressive will or trust or our advisors may suggest an estate plan with tax deductions and other considerations factored in.



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